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How To Prolong Deodorant


If you are a fan of frugality and like tips on being frugal and living frugally, then here is one for you!

If you like to get every last squirt out of the deodorant can then you will know that the propellant tends to stop short of getting rid of all the deodorant in the can meaning that there is a little bit left.

Or perhaps it is an emergency and your deodorant has run out and you don't want to end up smelling all day!

Whatever the reason, here is a simple way to get the most from your deodorant can.

Simply hold the canister's nozzle under hot water - not too hot but hotter than lukewarm - for thirty seconds.

This will give it a final burst of life and allow you to get some additional deodorant out of the can with your next five or so squirts!

By: Fred

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