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How To Put A Lid On Eyestrain

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Eyestrain Can Happen To Anyone.

Doc Says:

This usually happens to anyone if your over age 40. You?re likely to have strain at least occasionally if you use a computer, watch tv, drive a car, or live in a smoggy city.

You know you have strain when normally clear images begin to appear blurry. Your eyes start to ache so much that you just want to close them for a while. We?ll yes this is one thing you can do.

But here are some ways you can lessen eyestrain.

Time Out From Close Work
When your using a computer or doing any other type of close work that strains your eyes. Just stop every hour, and rest your eyes. Close your eyes and do nothing for two minutes.

Stop Reading.
When reading stop every 30 minutes, and focus on something far away for a few seconds. There?s a muscle in your eye that contracts when doing close up work. By refocusing you relieve the spasms in the eye muscle. If you want something to look at, hang a newspaper on a far wall.
Now try to read the larger print.

Put Your Eyes On A Blink.
Your eyes have their own personal masseuse- the eyelids. Make it a point to continuously blink your eyes, frequently and don?t squint. Each blink cleanses your eyes and gives them a tiny message.

Get Glasses.
Most eyestrain is the result of vanity. Obviously you?re going to strain your eyes, if your vision is off. So get a pair of glasses if you need them. If you have good distant vision, and just have trouble seeing up close, reading glasses sold in most drug stores, are sometimes enough to cure eyestrain.

Exercise Those Blues.
Standing about five feet from a blank wall, have someone toss a ball while you try to catch it, each time it bounces off. This will help offset damage caused by eyestrain, and improve the brain- nerve, to muscle connection of your vision.

By: Bev

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