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Q11: If You Were Me, What Question Would You Ask Yourself?

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This is a bizarre and odd question, but it does get asked from time to time often by the lazy interviewer! How to answer it?

Well you should identify something that you feel is important to the job, and ask whether it is important to you. For instance "here at company x, we particularly value the ability to work under pressure whilst not compromising quality of work. Do you believe that you will thrive under this environment?"

You can really ask yourself anything here. It is usually used by the interviewer to see if you know much about the company, as only if you do so can you come up with relevant questions to ask yourself.

This tactic is known as the self interview, and it has been known for the interviewer to request that the candidate effectively interviews themselves for several questions.

It may sound easy - you get to ask yourself the questions - but it can be hard to keep focus.

Therefore the best thing to do is to pick a couple of the questions that you had prepared for, but which have not come up, and give your answers to those.

By: Job Expert

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