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Q12: Sell Me The Chair You're Sitting On

Jobs : Successful Job Search Questions At Interview

This can be used with relation to any item, of course, but is of course asked in an interview for a role where SELLING is a key skill.

In many jobs these days you are required to sell.

You should think FAB here - features, advantages, benefits.

You need to think of a couple of features of the product - well that's easy, look at it. Then think of a couple of advantages, and then the key - the benefits - what it means to the customer. And sell it on these.

Hence - this chair has lovely leather seats. The advantage of this is that they are tough and will take much greater wear than some other surfaces, and hence the benefit to you is that they will last much longer and require much less maintenance, whilst purveying an air of class and sophistication.

By: Job Expert

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