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Q1: Why Did You Leave Your Old Job? Didn't You Like It?

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Why is this question asked? The employer is looking to see what your attitude is like.

A negative attitude of any sizeable proportion is something that should not be displayed. Also, do not be inconsistent. If there was something about that job which you didn't like, which you could be expected to do in the new job, then don't mention it.

This would obviously not look good. For instance, if you were at a fashion magazine, and you didn't like photo shoots, but are then going to work at a model agency, then obviously this is something that you shouldn't mention.

The best answer is the positive answer. Say that you liked the job and enjoyed most aspects of it, but that it wasn't challenging enough, or simply that you wanted a change to stay fresh and so on. Something like this is really good and will have them eating out of your hand.

Also, try and turn the question into something about the company that you want to work for. They will have probably told you a little about them in the introduction to the interview, so if you can repeat a little of this here, as something that you knew that you wanted to do, then give it now.

Perhaps this job is a natural progression up the ladder from your previous job, and with the extra experience that you now have, you feel that you will be in an ideal situation to do it. If this is the case, then by all means say so.

They are not looking for you to destroy their competitors in the interview, if you worked for one in the past.

Whingers are generally not good members on a team. Therefore give legitimate reasons for wanting change - the previous company was quite small, and I have worked in small companies all my life, I would like the opportunity to put my skills to work in a different environment in order to help me hone and develop my skills, and at the same time present myself with larger, more ambitious projects with greater scope for growth.

An employer would rather hear something ambitious with legitimate reasons like this compared to, for instance "my old employer was a real nightmare. They used to have you working every hour of the day, day in day out. It was really dull and boring and the team atmosphere was non-existant".

Even if that was the case, do not say it in the interview.

By: Job Expert

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