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Q2: So, What Attracts You To Us?

Jobs : Successful Job Search Questions At Interview

Also stated as "why do you want to work for Bloggs Corporation?"

This is another classic question, designed to test why you wanted to work for that particular company, in that sector.

Also be sure to spot the other variant on the theme:
"there are plenty of companies in this sector/area - what particularly made you apply to ourselves?"

This question tests whether you have done any RESEARCH into that company and, if so, how much, or whether you have just chanced your arm and applied around the board.

Therefore here you should use all that lovely research that you have of course done to full effect, and identify a few specific key points that attracted you to the company.

Try and be as SPECIFIC as you can, do not just say something very general that everyone will know about the company - for instance - "I want to work for a big company".

Try and narrow it down a bit more - "I am particularly interested in the groud-breaking research you are doing on the structure of DNA at the moment" or whatever it happens to be.

State that you believe that there is a happy and positive work environment at the company where you will fit in; if you have spoken to people that already work there then this is a good place to mention it.

Say that you feel that the other people there are like you, in that they have integrity and values and that you feel that you would fit in and would be a great teamplayer.

A positive, considerate and well thought out, educated response here can really help them choose between those candidates that know their stuff, and those that have not really bothered to do any research into the company at all.

By: Job Expert

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