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Q6: There Are Several Candidates For The Job. Why Should We Pick You?

Jobs : Successful Job Search Questions At Interview

Here you should not start bad mouthing or simply doubting the ability of the other candidates - a surprisingly common mistake.

Most times you will not know the other candidates, and it is ALWAYS best to say "well I cannot comment on the other candidates, nor is it my place to do so, however I can assure you that..."

Your answer should basically be composed from their literature about the job - that is, say that you possess the requisite qualifications, that you have the necessary skills, and that you are interested in the same sort of things as the company - teamwork, personal motivation and integrity.

If you can use the interviewer's own description of the job, then so much the better.

Also try and pick one or two examples from your past that you feel will stand you in good stead for the current job if this does not involve repetition of previous answers: "And, given that I worked on something similar, though on a smaller scale, with my previous company, I feel that the project you would be looking for the successful applicant to undertake would be something that I could really get my teeth into and I would relish the opportunity to take on this more ambitious, larger project, applying and upgrading the skills that I developed in my previous role".

By: Job Expert

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