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Q8: Do You Prefer To Give Orders Or To Receive Them?

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Ah, a tricky question here, which may be asked in interviews that either are a leadership role, or require you to be led strongly.

For most roles you should ideally express no strong dislike for the one or the other. Rather you should say that you are quite comfortable with both situations - after all most jobs involve both of these at some stage.

If you are subordinate to others, then of course you should be quite happy receiving orders. However, mention also that you like to think for yourself and be creative and challenge traditional processes, and so would always be prepared to challenge an order and debate it if you didn't think it was the best method. This presents this in a positive light.

With regard to giving orders, do not make yourself sound like a ruthless dictator - rather say that you are comfortable with seizing the initiative if necessary, but that you are assertive and not aggressive when it comes to delegation, and will always listen to the viewpoints of others rather than barking orders at them aggressively.

The employer will be wondering whether you are a team player - that word again - and whether you are set in your ways and un-adaptable, or more flexible, easy going and open minded.

By: Job Expert

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