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How To Question The Theory Of Everything


Of course, many many questions can be raised to any theory. Does it seem correct? Is it correct, are obvious ones.

Whilst it may seem very good at answering questions, it is still quite new, and no doubt refinements and tweaks will be made to it. History has shown that a better or completely new theory may well come along to displace it.

Some questions to ask are whether it ultimately helps. And this depends on what the question we are asking is. So let's say the question is 'how was the universe created?' - if this is the question, then it does seem to help, as it gives an explanation.

The problem is, that we have a regress of questions - just like

'how was the universe created?'

'by God'

'who created God?'

leads to further questions with regard to God, so does string theory. Instead of, 'how did the big bang occur', 'how was the universe created', we can now ask 'who created the strings' or 'who created the multiverse', and still ask 'where did all the matter come from?'

Whether string theory can help us answer these questions, or whether they have answers, is unclear. If not, then it all seems rather unsatisfactory. Whether all the matter in the universe can just pop into existence as some has claimed seems dubious, and just saying it has always been there is also unsatisfactory.

We must also ask if we should apply Ockham's razor to this multiverse and its contents, or whether it is doing useful work for us. That is, can we cut it out for the sake of simplicity? Are we simply borrowing these other universes exponentially to apparently explain away all our problems. If we think this is the case, then we should look for another solution.

Some have already suggested this is the case - by adding this other dimension with every possibility, then of course we can explain all the possibilities that exist in our universe. This argument may have some truth in it, or complete truth, in which case we must abandon the current theory of everything, however it needs to be stated more clearly for it to have credibility and sway.

Of course, the theory of everything should explain just that - every thing, in and outside our universe. At present it does not explain the multiverse, or what put it there, to have the shape and contents that it does - does it itself depend upon another superstring set of membranes? Or is that all there is to it - no further questions to be asked; that is just how it happens to be. If this is all we can say, then perhaps we are no better off than when man first looked up to the stars and questioned his own existence and origins.

By: Dan on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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