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How To Read A Lengthy Report Quickly

Self Development : Brain Power

Report reading is a skill. What's for sure is that no one has the opportunity to read such documents from cover to cover.

Therefore you need to learn to be selective and pick out the key elements. What you should do therefore is start at the contents page, the most helpful page that most people miss out!

From that page, highlight the two or three key areas of the report that you need to read. Then ignore the rest.

Read those sections and you should then have acquired the key points that you needed to know.

The next day, quickly test yourself to review that you've remembered those key points that you gleaned from the report.

If you have identified other 'must have' knowledge, then read those sections too, though only give yourself a few minutes - lack of focus and drifting thoughts and attention are the main reason we are not generally very good at reading and digesting information from reports at speed.

By: Fred

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