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How To Reduce Calories In Your Drinks

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When it comes to drinking, many of us don't remember that liquids can be packed with calories too.

Particularly alcoholic drinks of any sorts (wines, beers, spirits, alcopops and so on) and of course fizzy drinks that have sugar or a sugar substitute in them.

Therefore the simple rule is to decrease the amount of fizzy and alcoholic drinks you have by a third and to replace that with water.

You will then be taking in less calories over the course of the week without even realising it!

By: Stephanie

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Keep in mind that even fruit juice can be bad for you - it has just as many calories as diluted cordial. It is much better to eat the entire fruit, where you'll at least be getting the fibre as well. If you really have to drink something sweet, go for diet drink options that have artificial sweeteners that will satisfy the craving, and try to get something fizzy which forces you to drink it slowly.

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