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How To Reduce Desk Based Injuries

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If you have a standard office with computers and digital equipment, the potential for injuries may seem low.

However, particularly over time, the sedentary nature can lead to problems if things aren't set up right. Therefore it is essential to go through basic health and safety with new members of staff when they set up their desk:

- ensure they have a good sturdy chair and know how to adapt the chair as comfortable for them (they need to be shown how) and that their feet can touch the floor, for instance

- ensure that the top of the monitor is at head height, they have a clear and good quality monitor and it is not in the way of a source of direct light that could lead to strain

- ensure that they have good typing technique, and offer a wrist pad and cushioned mouse mat also as required

The government publishes detailed health and safety information, for instance how to work with display screen equipment (DSE) and also VDU workstation checklists, seating at work and so on. As a responsible employer, you should ensure that you comply with all necessary health and safety regulations that you need to observe.

By: Job Expert

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