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How To Remedy Colds

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One Of The Biggest Nuisances

Doc says:

The good news is the older we get, the less likely we will fall victim to any, of the 200 different viruses that cause a cold. Just because Jimmy has a cold, doesn?t mean you will catch the same one. That?s right you can catch a different one.

Children especially catch 6 ? 10 colds a year, due to their immunity not maturing yet.
Adults usually two to four.

Scientists are currently working on high tech ways to stop cold viruses from spreading.

Colds are one of doctor?s most frequent health complaints.

Here are some tips that will, help reduce the time spent suffering.

Get Drinking That Vit C.
Orange, tomato, grapefruit, and pineapple are just a few. BUT YOU DO NEED TO DRINK FIVE GLASSES A DAY.
It takes that much Vit C to reduce sneezes, and coughs. If this amount sounds like a bit much to handle, then take Vit C supplements. BUT DO NOT GO OVERBOARD. Large doses cause stomach upsets in some people.

Have A Steamy Bowl Of Comfort.
A nice hot bowl of chicken soup is devine. It will cut through congestion. I say chicken soup, because kids even like it. This is a comforting way to get nutrients, when not up to eating. This soup is protein rich, tasty, and beats drinking a glass of hot water.

Keep A Glass Of Water ON Your Nightstand.
Taking sips of water throughout the night, is another way to moisten, and help with breathing.

Eat South Of The Border.
A hot bowl of chili will break up congestion. Other suggestions are hot sauce, spicy foods containing horseradish, hot mustard, and curry. Rule of thumb. If it makes your eyes water, it will make your nose run.

Get Pumping.
Pump up those legs with a 45 minute walk. It can help speed up recovery from a cold. A daily walk helps shake up, and spread out the natural killer cells.
DO NOT PUSH IT. Exhaustive exercise can make matters worse. Just walk at a nice comfortable pace. Now your going the right speed.

Leave The Antihistamines In The Store.
New studies show that histamine is not produced when you have a cold. So the drugs designed to fight it won?t help. They will do just a little more than make you sleepy.

Headache Be Selective.
New evidence has shown, that aspirin and acetaminophen actually increase nasal blockage, and reduce the level of virus fighting antibodies. If you have a headache advil is a better choice. If your child has one along with a cold, ask doc about child size doses of ibuprofen. NEVER GIVE CHILDREN ASPIRIN WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR DOCTOR.
It can contribute to Reye?s Syndrome a life threatening neurological condition. If you indulge in a sauna twice a week, you?re less likely to catch a cold. The high temperature may, block the cold viruses from reproducing.

Make Your Home Tropical.
It?s not the cold weather, but the lack of humidity that is the major issue in catching colds. Overheated homes, are the perfect set up for colds. When your nose and tonsils are dry, they can not trap germs efficiently.
It becomes difficult to sneeze and cough, so it?s difficult to expel germs from the body. Turning down the thermostat and turning on a room humidifier keeps virus laden mucus flowing out of the body.


By: Bev

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