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How To Remove Any Eye Makeup

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There are all sorts of makeup remover products out there.

Yet there is little point spending good money on these sorts of products, because there are general things you can use that you will have at home that work very well.

One of the very best things to remove a lot of makeup and particularly eye make up is good old vaseline.

All that you do is simply apply to that which you want to remove and it will get rid of it.

For instance eye shadows, eye liners, the lot, it removes them with ease.

By: Stephanie

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I always use Shiseido Eye & Lip makeup remover as it removes makeup very quickly and efficiently with just one swipe of the cotton pad, doesn't sting when it gets inside your eyes, and leaves a soft and clean finish. It's important to have a separate makeup remover for your eyes in addition to that for your face in general as your eye area is very delicate and sensitive.

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