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How To Remove Spyware Programs

Computing : Computer Applications

Sometimes you will find that Spyware has secretly installed software on your computer, that you don't even know about or requested to be installed.

If this happens to you, then you should be sure to try and remove at the first opportunity.

Go to Add / Remove Programs and remove anything that you don't recognise. Often these are called things like Bullseye or other strange names that are clearly nothing to do with the operating system.

Then click on 'Remove Program'.

Notice that many will try to trick you to not uninstall them by often offering a few confusing pop ups checking whether you are sure that you want to de-install, and offering yes where you would normally click no and vice versa.

Therefore go through a few times until you find the right combination of yes and no to delete the program.

You can tell when it is removed because it will no longer show in the Add / Remove Programs list.

By: Stephen

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