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How To Replace A Broken Wall Or Floor Tile

DIY : Home Repair

Protect the tiles surrounding the broken one by covering them with newspaper or cardboard, and always wear protective eyewear when working with tiles otherwise you could be hit in the eye by a piece of material as you remove the tile.

You have to get rid of the old grout before you remove the broken tile. For this you need a grout saw to cut it and loosen it, and then a screwdriver can be used to ply it out from the cracks. After that you must use a hammer and a chisel to crack the old tile into pieces and remove them carefully by prising them out with the screwdriver. However, when you hit the old tile be careful not to hit too hard or you will crack surrounding ones.

If the tile needs to be shaped to fir a corner or round a tap or toilet, you must do this now with a special tile cutter. When it is shaped, spread the adhesive on the back of the tile, but not right to the edges, then place it in the space and use some strong tape to hold it in place. Don't press too hard or it will go squint! Then you must wait the recommended amount of time until the glue dries. Don't let any get into the spaces where the grouting goes - if it does remove at once with the screwdriver.

Make the grout up from the powder then using a glove to pick it up, spread it in the spaces around the tile. If any spreads onto the tile, then use a cloth to remove it before it dries. Use your finger to smooth the grouting neatly into the space, then you must let it dry according to instructions before letting water get near it or standing on it etc.

By: Philip O Connor on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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