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Replacing Starry Eyes With A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Common Sense


Give me one more reality programme and I shall scream; My name's Andreas Yiasimi and I operate my model promotion and photographic outfit / Amber Models from the beautiful and picturesque North Norfolk coast of the UK. Having worked as a model and performer myself for many years It helps to sort out the wood from the trees and I can safely say, I can smell a scam before it raises it's ugly head into full view. Yes, there are many pitfalls for any unsuspecting wannabe in this vast and wonderful industry but it really boggles down to replacing starry eyes for good old fashioned common sense ? lets start with brushing off the myth that parting with large amounts of money will gain you star status overnight and that you need to pay a fortune to join an agency - Any genuine promoter would take talent on merit alone knowing that they will have to work their buts off to raise your profile and regain their financial input with your quality that attracted their attention to you in the first place.
Don't be sucked in by large chandeliers above a desk that looks like its being polished twice a day - I personally spend more valuable time on polishing images; so what if my desk looks like a bombs hit it! Ok, dont forget your part of the bargain as a potential model though when dealing with people that are promoting you; I've always said that its as crucial to watch your conduct behind the scenes as it is in front of the Camera. Remember, just like the music industry success doesn't come on a plate. It sometimes takes years of practice and experience so always show appreciation to people that are giving you the break. If a genuine producer / promoter is spending valuable time trying to push you be grateful for the chance that you have been given to at least enter and try the water.
A good publicist that knows his stuff is worth as much as a photograph in your portfolio that looks like a million dollars - PR and media backing go hand in hand in any area of the entertainment's industry so your passion for landing a good journalistic article (and to be able to take it on the chin when it's not all good) must equal the performance of your photogenic abilities.

By: Andreas

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