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How To Reverse Ageing

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How to reverse the signs of ageing - do it with berries! Most ageing is the result of cell damage caused by free radicals, charged particles that damage cells in your body. Anti-oxidants help to mop them up. Plenty of fruit, especially blue, black and straw berries will help to mop them up helping to reverse the signs of ageing, or at least minimise them and prevent them from getting worse.

By: Janet Avery on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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Try this simple supplement - 1 tablet of Vitamin E (IU 400) a day! It helps your body from the inside out, unlike cosmetics which works only skin-deep. E400 is a powerful anti-oxidant which clears my skin of freckles & increase the radiance on my face! How silly of me to have wasted hundreds & hundreds on dollars on expensive cosmetic care cream all these years!

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