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How To Revise Successfully

Education : How To Excel In Exams

If you have a big exam coming up and need to do some revision, here are some tips to make it successful.

Firstly, make sure you set aside a whole morning or afternoon for you to revise. Find a quiet place where you wont be distracted - turn off your mobile phone and log out of Facebook / Messenger if you have to.

Get everything you need ready to revise and lay it out on a desk - this includes any books, stationery, paper, timetables, laptop etc. If music helps you to work better then feel free to put some on. If you're at home, make sure you tell everyone you are revising and not to disturb you, or put a note on the door.

Draw up a revision plan with targets of what you hope to revise in that session, and what key points or facts you hoped to have learnt. At the end, you can test yourself and tick these off. Go over anything you cannot remember until you do, and your list is complete.

Sometimes testing each other with a friend can also help, or sticking up notes around your house with key facts you need to remember. Remember to concentrate, take regular breaks, have snacks and get lots of sleep.

By: Danielle

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