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How To Save Money With A Network Railcard

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Most people in the UK are aware that people under 26 on many rail networks can get reduced travel costs.

This is called a young persons railcard and gets you a discount of typically a third off any journey, with a few restrictions.

However most adults are not aware that there is the opportunity for them to get discounts on rail travel too.

Called a network railcard, quite a few operators allow you to use this to get a discount of a third off your journeys - subject to restrictions.

Typically it must be on off-peak travel and also on a return journey there is a minimum fee at the time of writing this is at 13 at which it can be used.

However if you use trains a few times a year then you can save a lot by using a network railcard. It is worth the cost of 25 a year if you do around, say, 5 - 10 journeys a year; although of course just one expensive journey could make the money back in and of itself!

By: Stacy

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