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How To Save On Christmas Washing Up


Ah, the Christmas meal is eaten, wasn't it truly delicious?

But now... it is time to wash up all those plates, pots and pans... a bit of a nightmare really isn't it? So what can you do to ensure that you save on the washing up - here is reader Sarah with a great tip to the rescue:

Buy alluminium foil Roasting Trays and also put a layer of foil on all your baking trays.

This saves on washing up (always a bonus at xmas but also means any excess oil/fat is already stored and doesnt have to be poured down the sink/drain so is better for the environment as well.

The same can be applied to cooking small pieces of chicken breast/fish... u can make a parcel of foil (making sure there is space for steam). This is an easy way to cook fish/chicken breast but again saves on washing up and saves all juices for gravy/sauces

By: Stephen

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