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Saving Money Around The Home

Self Development : Money

It might sound like the activity of a skin flint, but if you are short on money then you need to save what you can!

Therefore ensure that around the home you only have lights on in a room when you need them. That's not to say you should stumble around in the dark, but if you are not in a room and no one else is, then it is a waste of electricity and money to leave the light on.

Also, ensure that you do not overheat your house. If you wear a thicker jumper around the house then you will feel comfortable at a slightly lower temperature. Of course again that's not saying to have it too cool to be comfortable, but try not to overheat if you can.

Also try to make your lunch at home rather than buy it out, and reduce the number of treats and one off whimsical purchases that you treat yourself to over a period of time.

By: Stephen

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