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How To Score A Tennis Tie-break

Sport : Tennis

If the score in a set of tennis becomes 6 - 6, then a tie-break is played to produce a winner (unless it is a long final set, in which case the match continues until one player wins by two clear games).

In a tie-break, the aim is to reach 7 points by two clear points. The person who served last in the set receives the first point. From there, each player has two consecutive servers in a row, switching each two points. After every six points played, the players swap ends.

If the match reaches 6 - 6, then from there the tie-break continues until one player is two points ahead. Hence, a tie-break can last from 7 points (7 - 0 win) to potentially going on forever.

It has been known for tie-breaks to go on until the players have each scored well over 20 points, and can constitute almost a full set of tennis!!!

By: Dan on Tue, Apr 26th 2005

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