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Scorpio Astrology Personality Information

Relationships : Star Signs And Astrology

This is a very intense sign and people here tend to have great powers of concentration and inner strength to see them through a situation.

As such they are also legendary for determination and going from a tough and tricky situation and turning it around single handedly to something that becomes a positive.

There are times where they find things get on top of them, but these qualitities ensure that they don't give up, and therefore they exude a quiet confidence as a result of this.

Indeed comparisons have been made between the Scorpian qualities and those of the mythical Phoenix for their power to keep on getting up again.

These people are driven to get what they want and therefore Scorpians often get to poewrful positions, whilst at the same time having enough people skills to ensure that they are liked and admired on the way up.

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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