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Scorpios : Astrology Zodiac Signs And Relationships

Relationships : The Zodiac And Love

Scorpios and relationships, well this is an interesting mix indeed and sometimes explosive given their personality traits!

They tend to be very jealous and can be a bit possessive as a result in relationships, particularly if they are deeply in love and attracted to their partner in that relatinoship.

They tend to be quite intense in relationships and this can be a little too much for some to take, and so their relationships can be highly charged and dramatic but not last a long time.

They can also be a bit sulky when they don't get their own way in relationships.

However, on the positive side they can be quite elusive and mysterious leading you to want to find out more about them and understand what makes them tick - this is quite attractive for a lot of people who aren't interested with the most mundane of relationships and when the mix and chemistry is right the relationship can be very passionate as a result of these characteristics.

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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