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How To See A Comet

Hobbies : Astronomy

We all identify comets with a tell tale look, with a bright front and a streaming coma behind them.

However, truth is, they only take on this appearance when very close to the sun, as they warm up and the gases start to stream. Away from the sun, they look like a very faint star.

So how do you find a comet? Well, the easiest way is by taking pictures on multiple nights. Then, compare the pictures from one day to the next, and look for an object that moves.

In terms of comets that are visible for a fair time, the best one to look for is 73p/ schwassmann-wachmann. This will be nearest the sun on June 7th 2006. There is a possibility of a meteor storm around 13th May, as the comet has split into three parts.

By: Stephen

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