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How To See A Hobby

Hobbies : Birdwatching

There is a chance to see some birds that are not often seen such as the hobby over water; in other words visiting them in one of their favourite environments.

For instance a great chance of seeing a hobby in the UK is to find a medium to large sized pond or other body of water that has many dragonflies around. They will fly down and catch them and perhaps eat them on the wing.

Go in mid morning, perhaps between 10am and 11am, and perhaps during the breeding season for best effect. You can often see them in early to mid to late June flying over these bodies of water, and swooping to catch and eat the dragon flies.

Be still and quiet. There are quiet a few nature reserves that have bodies of water like this so be sure to check out the internet for any records of hobby visits and then visit a few times and you should be rewarded with the thrilling sight of seeing the hobby feeding.

By: Stephen

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