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How To Sell More Online

Computing : Money Making Ideas Online

One of the ways to sell more online is to adjust your price.

This doesn't mean lowering your price to a total knock down; but actually the difference of a few pence or cents can make a lot of difference.

That's because psychological research has shown us that we perceive sums ending in odd numbers to be lower than those with even numbers.

For instance, we will tend to think that something that sells for $37 is actually less than $36 on a very quick look.

Therefore ensure that you too sell your ebook or product at an odd number price; and the best number to end in is a 7. That's because we tend to associate a 9 with the next digit up: e.g. $39 we see as effectively $40 after years of training by the shops which try to get us to think otherwise!

By: Stephen

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