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Selling On EBay As A Business

Money : EBay

Most of the articles I've written in this section are focussed on learning how to use eBay, and making your first few sales.

But once you are familiar with eBay, if you do well, you might decide that you want to progress things a little and start selling on there to make a serious extra income on the side.

You might even decide that you want to start a small business selling on eBay - many people do just that, and do so quite successfully.

It has been said that most people could make around ?100 each and every month selling unwanted items on eBay, without too much effort.

That might not sound like too much, but when added up over a year you could do quite a lot with ?1200 - it should certainly pay for Christmas or a decent holiday!

The great thing about this form of business is that there is no upper limit to what you can make. Whereas with a normal job, you go through the levels of the company over time. In a normal job, you might start on ?15,000 then increase your salary in ?5,000 increments every few years.

However, eBay is not like that. You can go from earning ?1,000 in your first year whilst getting the swing of things to making fifty times that in your second year, if you know what you are doing and are focussed and dedicated.

In short, anything is possible - the upper limit is removed in a way that does not apply to normal 9 - 5 jobs.

The beauty is that you can test the water without making too much commitment - if you have a strategy to sell a particular item in a particular way, then try it and see what happens!

By: Ebay User

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