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How To Set-up For A Podcast

Computing : Podcasting

If you are going to be recording for a podcast, then there are some simple preparatory steps that you need to do first.

The most important element is to have your script prepared and easy to read in front of you, and well spaced out on the paper.

There is nothing worse than hearing the sound of people turning pages whilst reading their script, so ensure the paper is sufficiently far from the mic, or of course you could also read off the screen and scroll quietly!

Also ensure that there is no background noise - the quieter the background. This means windows closed, even if it is warm as external noise can be very distracting indeed.

Finally, take the time to calibrate the microphone or recording device of choice. There is nothing worse than the final recording being too quiet, meaning you have to up the gain and usually a hiss results.

Similarly, being too close and you can get a muffled and unclear sound. Therefore be sure to take your time whilst setting up and do some tests first to see how your voice will sound.

By: Fred

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