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Shopping Survival Guide


If you have children, always set yourself a limit to what you should spend on a shopping trip. Have a list of the things you need and stick to it.

Only visit a set number of shops and tell them beforehand so they dont throw a tantrum when you refuse to go somewhere. Five is probably the most that their attention span can cope with without getting bored. Let them have a break and run around in the park, or get them a treat before continuing with the rest of your shop.

Always try things on in the changing rooms to avoid overspending and then not bothering to return them, just out of convienience. If you try them out you'll know what definitely fits. If you're not sure about something then you can always take it home to have more time to decide on it, but always check the return policy before buying, and keep the receipt safe.

Try shoes on in the morning and again in the afternoon as feet tend to swell up throughout the day. Or take them home and try them on in the house.

If you find an item of clothing you really like then its fine to bulk buy and get a couple in case you get a stain on one, or it gets worn out.

By: Danielle

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