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Should I Use An Autoresponder?

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The answer is that it depends if you have anything that you want to communicate with your audience.

If the answer is yes, then there is certainly a point and a purpose in using an autoresponder.

Basically the way it works is that when people enter their email address they get sent automatically a series of emails at daily intervals or more that tell them information on a particular topic or subject.

The information is of use to them but you also use the emails as a sales opportunity to tell people more about a product or service that you can offer them that will help them in the relevant way.

It helps you have a captive audience and once you have created the emails in the first place the autoresponder runs itself, meaning that you are able to give people that information and communicate with them, and potentially earn from them, whilst you are in your sleep, on holiday and so on!

By: Fred

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