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Singapore Career Politicians


A career politician is a recent phenomenon. It stands for people who enter politics because it pays well and is seen as a gravy train rather than through any great passion or love for politics or a set of principles that they radically believe in.
These individuals are likely to be 'parachuted' into political mainstream by virtue of their expertise and influence such as trade union leader, bureaucrat or corporate leader. Nearer to home, with a slight variation, Singapore is a classic example where the brightest students are groomed for future command in the military and national leadership. Initially, they may not be politically astatute. The ideal candidate is a university graduate who is strong willed, robust with tremendous endurance and at the same time having high intellectual discipline. Having said that, first and foremost the candidate posses high personal moral standard, altruistic, humility and love of community.

By: Thamrong

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