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How To Sit Properly

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It may sound odd having an article on how to sit, but then many people do not sit in the best way with regard protecting your body and back from strain.

Whilst sitting down is surely an activity that commands little energy, sitting badly can cause your back to be strained and lead to discomfort, therefore it is as well to ensure that you are sitting in the best possible way for you and your body.

When sitting, push the base of the spine into the back of the chair.

A small cushion can be useful to support your back - a sausage shaped one can work well. You might have seen orthopaedic chairs that have a built in back support along these lines that comes with them.

Also try not to sit in the same position for extended periods of time, but rather move around.

If in an office be sure to go for a walk and stretch your legs at least once an hour, even if just to get a cup of water from the water cooler.

By: Fred

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