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How To Solve A Logic Puzzle

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Logic puzzles are getting more and more popular again - like all puzzles they seem to be going through a re-birth!

What can you do to make these puzzles easier to solve and stop you scratching your head?

Well, the key is to use the grid provided to mark the crosses and ticks for each elimination that you make.

As you go through the puzzle, write down all the connections that you can, before you have all the pieces of information for each row.

Then use this to make eliminations as you go through. For instance if you know that Person A goes with Food B, then you know that no other person does.

Another tip is to regularly go back through and review - in the light of additional clues, what extra eliminations can you do?

Remember that these puzzles require nothing but logic to solve, so you should never need to guess - and if you are then you have missed something!

By: Stephen

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