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How To Solve A Quadratic Equation

Education : Maths

This may sound like a daunting step, but to solve a quadratic first you use steps you know: factorise it first.

Here's an example to work through:
Imagine you are asked to solve this equation:

x^2 - 4x - 12 = 0

First, we factorise the equation, using the technique we saw above, to get:
(x - 6) (x + 2) = 0

So, since when multiplied together the answer is 0, we know that:
either (x- 6) = 0 OR
(x + 2) = 0

So, either x = 6 OR x = -2


By: Chris

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how to solve quadratic equations ...
- Mon, Jan 13th 2014

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