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How To Solve A Wordsearch

Games : Puzzles

A wordsearch is a classic puzzle game whereby you have a grid of letters, and in there somewhere are certain words that you need to find.

These are listed at the bottom of the puzzle. The aim is to find all the words, and often it is fun to try to do so as quickly as possible. Words are usually placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally, and then backwards in any of those directions.

The best way is to scan the grid row by row, from left to right. This will help you pick up all the words that are written as words on a page.

Then do the same for vertical lines from the left and move left to right scanning top to bottom.

This will leave you words placed backwards and diagonally which can sometimes be the harder ones to spot.

If there is a letter that is rare in a word, like a 'z', then it is worthwhile scanning the grid for each and every 'z' and then looking at the cells around it to see if it belongs to the word you are after.

By: Fred

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