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How To Solve Logic Puzzles

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There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of solving logic puzzles.

The first key thing is to use the grid AND the table of results - don't just try to hold all the information in your head. Why? Because using the paper will make some eliminations much more obvious.

Remember, when you place a value definitely, ensure that as well as the tick you cross out all the cells directly above and below, to the left and right of the placed value.

Look out for associations that you know are in place before you can write them down in the grid. For instance if you know that Fact A and Fact B go together, then it is important that when you work out Fact C cannot be coupled with Fact B, that you also realise that it therefore cannot be paired with Fact A either, and mark your crosses on the grid accordingly.

Ensure that you read every clue carefully, and ensure that you read the 'nots' in the right place. Sometime the wording of the clues is a little ambiguous so take particular care in that situation.

Write down the connections that you know go together on paper before writing results in the grid.

When you have finished the puzzle, work back through previous clues and see what other deductions you can make. Remember that you should never need to guess, so pay attention!

By: Stephen

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