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How To Speed Up Nail Growth

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Rub vaseline into your nails every other day to speed up nail growth. Simple!

By: Nikola on Wed, Mar 12th 2003

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Also, if you take gelatin your hair and nails will grow back faster and stronger!.

Yes it realy does work done it now since i first read it hear and my nails are longer and stronger thanks for your help love this site.

Where do u get it from and how much does it cost????????.

Vaseline can be bought from most chemists and it is cheap.

Heya i'm 13 and i keep biting my nails can you tell me how to stop and how to make them gorw? plz i need your claire xxx

Hey I had the same problem. Here are too great solutions!:
1.) My friend bit her nails alot so she took one of those stress balls and when ever she was tempted to bite her nails she just squesed it and it stoped her. She has really nice long nails now!
2.) Put some sort of flavoring (that tastes really bad) into your fav. nail polish, so when you bite your nails and taste it you will stop, and slowly you will just not bite your nails, cuz of the taste!

There are like these crystally things that you dip your nails into (chemist) and they taste disgusting, so that you don't bite them =] alternatlively, just do what I've just done, out some Vaseline onto each nail... It tastes horrid, and strengthhens your nail at the same time =D

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