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How To Spend Less Time On The Computer


Computers can be really addictive and you can often spend hours on end playing games, or chatting online, that you dont realise where the time has gone. Sometimes it may leave you feeling annoyed you haven't got your work done, or like you have wasted the day.

If you spend less time on the computer doing trivial things then it will help. Ask yourself how much time you spend on the computer every day and if it affects your social life, work or family. If it does, then it may be an idea to cut down the hours and lay down some ground rules.

Set a time when you can go on the computer. Maybe have a 2 hour slot after your have done most tasks for that day, but not too late in the evening.

Meet up with friends or try a new activity together so you can speak to them face to face instead.

Dont get depressed if you cant check your emails every hour. Most people know they can wait a day or two. If its urgent they will phone you.

By: Danielle

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