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How To Spot A Business Scam

Business : Small Business Ideas

If you are thinking about getting another source of income, then all those offers of home working from leaflets you get given in the street or come through the letterbox can seem tempting. But should you be tempted?

In the main, no, because most of these grossly over inflate the money that can be made.

Here are some tell tale signs:

- Are the details of what you would actually do extremely vague?

- Does it offer 'unlimited earnings' or at least very big earnings?

- Does it sound too simple?

- What do you get for your money? Usually a booklet full of generic advice on how to make money from someone who has failed to!

Bottom line: always exercise common sense in these matters. Far better to think up your own real ideas for success and pursue these, rather than pay for someone else's advice which in nearly all cases will leave you feeling very disappointed indeed!

By: Fred

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