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Spots...spots...oh, Guess What, More Spots!?

Beauty : Skincare

I know why I'm on this website.
Wonder if it's the same reason as you.
I want to rid myself of dreaded spots, that have pestered me for 3 years ish. I've tried numerous products, ranging from Clearasil to Witch to Clean & Clear and Freederm and Oxy and oh so so many things. But the same situation always occurs - the spots come and go. I know that's normal for a teenager, believe me, I know. But it does get you down, especially when you're aware of other people with beautiful skin around you, or people with the odd spot. I'm getting bored of having more than the 'odd-spot'. I get them on my forehead, beside and below my nose (cheek area) and it's getting tiresome.

Please people, be wondrous and tell me about something that WORKS! Sudocrem? Thankyou :)

By: Beccy

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