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How To Stand Out In A Singing Audition


First and foremost, be yourself. Dont act fake or the judges will see right through you. Be humble and not arrogant.

Make sure you thank them for their time. Avoid crazy costumes as it will attract the wrong attention. You want them to notice your voice more. Dont turn up in jeans and trainers either. Be smart casual, but dont overdo it. A natural look is better as it will make you seem more genuine and down to earth. Put the effort into your hair and make up, and wear a colourful stylish top and some smart black jeans, or a summery dress.

Try out different songs beforehand, and ask people to help you choose one that best suits your voice. Then practise, practise, practise.

Choose something different to sing than the usual, as this will make you stand out and they will probably get bored of hearing the same tunes all the time.

Dont make the song sound like the original, change it slightly and add your own stamp to it.

Try not to be nervous. What happens happens, and everything occurs for a reason.

By: Danielle

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