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How To Start Up A Band/become A Singer


Want to become a singer or be in a band, but don't know where to start? Talent and passion are key objectives to being a musician, so if you have these you are half way there. First, you need to decide whether you would be better suited as a solo artist or a lead singer in a band, then what genre your voice is most suited to. A lot of singers decide to keep their own names, but some opt for a stage name to make them stand out. Band names can always be hard to think of too, but make sure you jot down all your ideas and get your friends to chip in aswell. Sometimes the best ones come to you when you aren't thinking so hard.

Next you will need to write and record some songs, set up a myspace page or website to showcase yourself, and don't forget to create a Facebook group then invite all your friends. Promotion is vital if you want to get heard, so start contacting venues to see if they have any gigs for you to perform at. Once your first show is booked, don't forget to put 100% into promoting it - remember if you put the effort in, the promoter is more likely to invite you back again. From there on, your success should gro

By: Danielle

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