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Starting A Business: Common Mistakes

Business : Starting Up In Business

Many businesses make the same mistakes when they start up.

One error people make is to spend far too long on trivial aspects such as the name of the company.

As long as you choose something appropriate that is not already registered, then that will be fine. The name itself does not make a business and a bad business is not turned into a good one by having a great name.

Also do not take on too much office space at the start. Try to start small, but build in the flexibility so that when you need to expand you can do so at a decent rate.

Try to ensure that you get your furniture as cheaply as possible; business auctions are a great place to pick up quality furniture at a cheap price, without the massive premiums paid for new furniture.

Follow these tips and focus on what really matters - your business and your business plan.

By: Stephen

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