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Starting A Business: The Vicious Circle

Business : Starting Up In Business

Starting a business has one major hurdle - getting your first couple of clients. This is because most people will want to work with a company who already has some clients. After all, no-one wants to be the guinea pig; it's like going to the dentist for a root filling and being told you're his first ever patient - doesn't inspire confidence!

The vicious circle is, of course, to get a portfolio you first need to have clients. But you need the portfolio to get clients.

So how can you resolve the situation? Well, one option is to try and get contracts before you set up the business through warm leads - classically, your former company if you are on good terms.

Failing that, another option is to offer your services for a reduced price just to get those first couple of clients. It is worth getting paid a bit less whilst you establish yourselves, so that you at least get the chance to become established.

By: Job Expert

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