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How To Stay Contented In Your Marriage

Relationships : Marriage

Of course, there are lots and lots of things you can do to ensure that you stay contented in your marriage, but if you were happy at the start and it starts to go downhill, then there are usually a few telltale reasons for this.

The single most important thing to do to stay contented in a marriage or indeed in any relationship is this - make sure that you do not perform COMPARISONS.

It is too easy to look at someone else's wife or partner and think either that their relationship is much better than yours, or that you simply fancy or prefer your neighbours wife or similar.

Remember that is a slippery slope and they might just be thinking that your relationship is like that and wish they were you! In general peoples relationships look better from the outside so remember that...

Be happy with your partner and remember that comparisons are dangerous, particularly as you walk past someone on the street and think they are attractive, everything that is new may seem more exciting or even attractively dangerous, but in this day and age with temptation all around it is important again not to compare one with the other, but rather be happy and content with who you are and your wife and work at making your marriage last for ever.

By: Stephanie

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