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How To Stay Healthy In A Hurry

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When you are in a hurry as most of us are in the modern life, it is tempting to eat lots of snack food.

Even in small portions, these are quite harmful for you. Why? Because they contain high levels of salt, which can contribute to a high blood pressure and be bad for you.

Therefore when on the rush, always take some fruit with you. Much better and will fill you up.

Also when you get sandwiches for lunch consider getting fresh carrot sticks or salad to accompany, rather than a pack of crisps.

By: Stephanie

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I find the easiest way to stay slim and healthy is to eat regulary.
it must be most of the time the SAME food like every single day for lunch have a peanut butter sarnie and some lettuce.
the best foods for you are...
greasy burgers (helps you see in the dark)
chocolate ( have you ever smelt your foot? nows the time to try)
and finally pigs ears (good for the knees)
now theese three foods must be the only things you eat for the rest of your god forsaken life. if you get pekkish between meals you can always try a bit of dust!!!

by the way dont take my advice unless you want to die an unhappy young fat pig.



good luck on the dust diet phone this number with any concerns... 01534 this-doesnt-work!

I laugh if someone took that advice lmao lol legendary haha

Low-fat yoghurt and unflavoured wholegrain biscuits also make great transportable snacks!

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