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How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Health And Fitness : Exercise Guide

Many people do not enjoy exercise - it is as simple as that. And like anythnig we don't enjoy, we are tempted to shy away from it after a period of time.

So, what can one do to stay motivated to exercise over a period of time?

Well, the first thing is to actually relax a little - if you miss a training session do not tell yourself off, these things happen. However do not let it become a habit - then you really should tell yourself off!

Try to set yourself targets. The human mind responds well to goals and targets - it's how we're configured - and having a target will give you new focus. No one wants to feel a failure and miss out and not achieve their targets; so this is also a good way to stay motivated.

You can also offer yourself treats for meeting certain goals and targets.

Or even consider buying some decent training equipment that it would be a waste not to use - a state of the art exercise bike, or calorie counters and so on that let you see how many calories you are burning whilst you are undertaking exercise!

By: Stephanie

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