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Stay On Top Of Homework Don't Let It Plow You Down

Education : Maths

The older you get the more homework you get so the best thing to do is to stay on top. As soon as you get home you should do some of your homework. Say you have 3 subjects of homework, get 1 or 2 of them out of the way. Then after dinner do the other 1 or 2 you have left. After you get that all done you can take a shower to get the stress off of yourself.

By: Courtney Hinton

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Luckily I don't have homework any more, but the method I used to use to make it not so bad was simple.

Basically I used to discipline myself into doing it first thing when I went home after dinner.

This was tough at first but it soon became routine. Getting it out of the way meant that I did not worry about it and then had a few hours to relax, there is nothing worse than putting homework off and off and then having it hanging over you!

Of course these days the internet can help you and you can message your mates for help, in my day you had to do it all yourself and sometimes with help from a parent!

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